Ultima Nature Production Management by Little Buddha
Production Management

Production Management

Our work is not finished until the project comes to life, until it is printed on the annual report, has reached the supermarket shelf or is implemented online.

Production Management Services

Production is critical in each project

Any strategy can die a death at the tactical stage. At Little Buddha we strongly agree with this idea: an excellent strategy or a brilliant design is useless if it is then badly printed, if it is badly implemented, or if the creative idea that looked so great at the presentation cannot be fulfilled.

Our design team deals with the technical limitations during the design stage before the production teams contacts printing firms and all other players involved in the project to ensure its perfect completion.

We ensure our presence at print runs

We have production managers who attend each print run along with the brand manager to ensure the designs are printed optimally.

We have attended print runs in Germany, Greece, Italy, etc. to ensure the first print on critical media: Tetra pack, Tetra Ricar for soups, complex foils for snacks, bags for Petfood, etc. This ensures the quality of work, and we advise the marketing team for the benefit of the project.

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