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Packaging Design Services

Packaging Design Service

Some packs stand out in an aisle, look tasty or generate immediate “call to action”… perception is everything to shoppers. We are experts in branding and Packaging Design, a key part of brand communication.


Packaging Design Services

Packaging Design

Packaging is a complex, demanding discipline. The design of a pack must summarise the positioning of a product, its competitive advantage, and it must attract its target without being over-promising… Many products are chosen on impulse in the point of sale. It is therefore essential to be aware of the optimum parameters.

Our expertise in mass marketing enables us to head packaging projects for major mass-market companies such as JDE, Henkel, Danone, Revlon, GB Foods, etc. We also work for pharma companies such as Merck, Almirall, Omega Pharma, etc., or industrial sectors such as Roca Sanitarios, Simón, Parex Group, Auxol, etc. Our knowledge can be applied to any sector.

Food packaging

Founded by a former Danone marketing manager, we quickly started up in yoghurt packaging (Danone, Ametller Origen, etc.). We then continued with biscuits (LU Mikado), Chocolate (Lindt, Cemoi, Nocilla), baby food (Almirón), pasta (Gallo), ready-made food (Gallina Blanca, Jumbo, Maheso, etc.), ice creams (Farggi) and even pet food (ULTIMA, TRAINER or FARO by Affinity). It could be said that we have good taste.

Detergent packaging

Detergent design is a real challenge. The pack must convey cleanliness, power, effectiveness, softness, and show the end benefit and action of the product, etc. It requires its own language that is difficult to master. This is why HENKEL, one of the world leaders in this category, has been working with us since 2007.

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