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A name is forever

The name of a company or brand lasts over time. The corporate identity of a company can evolve (Danone) and the design of a product can be updated (Schweppes Indian Tonic), but in general a brand rarely changes its name.

Naming services

At Little Buddha Brand Design Agency we have an international team that has given a name to companies (Neossence or Amiette) and to products (Transpirex by Henkel, Alegria by Ametller Origen or Pastalover by Gallo). It has also designed baselines that major brands use on the TV (Tenn by Henkel or Amiette, for example).

Our specialists from different countries are experts in the creation of names that express what each brand or businesses wants to convey.

Moreover, a law firm advises us on legal pre-screening issues and can register a brand in the countries required.

We create business names

Creating a name is a huge responsibility. It should evolve the positioning of the business, be memorable, be easy to pronounce in the countries where it exists and, although it does not necessarily mean anything, it must have a good, positive ring to it. We know what we’re talking about!

and mass-market products (and other sectors)

In mass-market products, a name can be enough to directly convey the benefits of the product. A well-chosen name can coin a concept in an easy, powerful way: Transpirex by Neutrex (removes sweat and deodorant stains), Sopalista by Gallina Blanca (a soup ready to be eaten), Pastalover by Gallo (attractive to lifelong pasta eaters)… Each product has a name waiting for it, and we know how to find it.

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