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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

We guide our clients from the creation of the brief to the development of a corporate identity project that meets their needs.
If the client is sure of the initial strategy, we work on providing the brand with its own visual identity that is consistent in all media.

Corporate Identity Services

Specialists in Corporate Identity

We adapt to meet the needs of each client. We can audit the brand and accompany the client from the creation of the brief to the development of a comprehensive corporate identity project. Or we can work from a pre-defined brief.

The goal is always the same: to provide the brand with its own personality that is consistent in all media, establishing everything from its visual identity to its tone of voice.
You can rely on us to develop the stamp that sets you apart from your competition, based on a thorough differentiation analysis.

Need to put your corporate identity in order?

Avoiding the need for modification, we can create a Brand Manual that ensures the correct use of your corporate identity. We have done this for Barcelona Football Club and for brands such as Hornimans. This means that other agencies can correctly apply the corporate identity.

We can also act as a Brand Guardian and validate the materials produced for a brand. Or create and manage a Brand Center that combines all the graphic materials of a brand or company.

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