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We’ve developed our own Branding services method to help our clients communicate their positioning and competitive edge. Whatever type of business it is.

Branding services

The importance of Branding

Product branding is critical for conveying its positioning. A brand communicates through its naming, but also through its logo/branding, which communicates the brand’s proposal. Branding can convey flavour or cleanliness, strength or affection, hand-made or technology.

The art of branding consists of conveying the positioning of a product in the best way possible.

Highlighted Branding projects

The Neutrex bleach brand conveys cleanness and effectiveness, and now also whitens clothing. Nocilla chocolate spread (leader in Spain) updated its initial logo in the form of a slice of bread to flee from the codes of “indulgence” that prevailed until recently. The Martínez logo updates the traditional codes of the brand and suggests its Cantabrian origins, giving a positive, modern image to a traditional brand.

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