CannabiX CBD
CannabiX CBD

CannabiX CBD

Uriach is pioneering the pharmaceutical industry with the launch of CannabiX CBD, a Cannabidiol (CBD) product.

Following the global trend of medicinal Cannabis use and being an almost non-existent market within the Spanish pharmaceutical industry, Uriach is launching a new product onto the market which will once again position them as one of the most pioneering and innovative companies within healthcare.

CannabiX CBD Cream contains Cannabidiol (CBD), a phytocannabinoid extracted from hemp oil, which provides relief and support thanks to its comforting effect. It also contains Arnica and Hypericum which, in conjuction with Cannabidiol (CBD), provide greater relief. Vanilla Extract enhances the effect of the active ingredients providing a pleasant warming effect.

Given the numerous associated benefits, there is a growing number of Cannabis-based products in different market segments. They are predominately sold in specialist stores and online, with their aesthetic design often directly linked to the world of Cannabis.

The goal: to create a visually attractive design, with a more scientific feel and move away from the typical Cannabis imaginary and its associated connotations (psychoactive or narcotic effects). The design should convey the main benefit and associated properties of Cannabis without having to directly say it.

The result: a modern, minimalist and striking packaging that clearly conveys the properties of the product.

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