Great part of the Ice tea volumes benefit from the positive image of the tea (thus are a healthy alternative to soft drinks) but the polarizing flavor of the tea is usually disguised with an important amount of sugar and a questionable quantity of tea.

Japanese Tea Tradition includes a wide range of unsweetened green teas, that offer a natural and healthy hydration without calories. Some of these teas that have a « Foshu » (functional food) label in Japan include:

– Green Teas

– Toasted Teas

– Roasted Rice Teas

– Barley Tea

Jean Jacques Fredj, former GM at Danone, passionate about Japan where he lived part of his life, launches a new sugar-free ice tea range in Europe, infused with imported tea leaves from Japan.

The challenge: To convey the concept of a healthy product imported from Japan from a European perspective. And to create self explanatory product, that can stand out on the shelf, and that it differentiates from it’s competition.

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