PASTA GALLO revolutionizes dry pasta

Pasta Gallo is the market leader in Spain for pasta. It was identified, through a U&A, that the growth driver of their “3 Minutes” dry pasta range wasn’t convenience, but its organoleptic properties, and soft and delicate texture.

JJ Perez Cuesta, CEO of BrakeBreakers defines the NAIL of this range as:
• 1st pasta “al dente suave”
• 1st extrathin pasta
• BTW fast cooking (3-4 minutes)

The challenge: To create a dry pasta category with:
• A naming that transmits the idea of thiner and softer pasta.
• A design grid that allows differentiation of the range from the rest of segments of Pasta Gallo’s wide range of products, but that still reflects the brand’s identity.

The result:
• Naming: SEDALIS prioritizes its capacity to evoke the softness of the pasta without being descriptive, thanks to its elegant and sophisticated sonority.
• The structure of the range is constructed over the delicate curve of the Gallo cock’s tail. Very gestural, that refers to the softness of these recipes.
• A colour that comes from Gallo’s own red, but in a darker tone that transmits superior quality.

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