Care Plus

Laboratorios STADA, the 4th Pharmaceutical Laboratory in Spain, has diversified its current portfolio towards the segment of unfinanced medications, sanitary products and cosmetics. Their strategy consists in offering products that don’t need medical prescription and offer high quality standards.

The challenge:

– Position Laboratorios Stada as a reference lab within Sanitary Products and Cosmetics.

– Structure and design an adequate brand strategy for this new family of products:

– Integrating the “Care Plus” brand, which already exists in the United Kingdom.

– Defining Stada’s role.

– Work on a visual architecture proposal that covers the entire set of sanitary and cosmetic products, including possible future extensions, as well.

biManán Verde

The omnipresence of Cold Press juices, the fruits & vegetables mixed juice debut in the off trade channel or the DETOX diet followed by the mainstream publics evidence a deep change in the consumer, which is more receptive to find natural solutions and get back to a more sustainable and natural lifestyle.

biManán, the reference brand within the weight control category, has developed a concentrate made of 35 plan-based/green ingredients, capable of offering all the benefits that vegetables, fruits and plants provide, contributing to detoxification and weight loss.

The challenge: To suggest a design that is consistent with biManán, while transmitting a more pleasant and natural dimension, aligned with the expectations of the current consumer (vs biManán’s “Medical/cold/Diet” brand image)


Apisérum, is a pioneering brand of reference in the pharmaceutical industry, with over 52 years of experience in the market. The brand, which belongs to the OMEGA PHARMA Group, proposes a restyle of its current range of products that combines royal jelly with specific ingredients that cover the daily needs of the entire family.

The challenge: To position Apisérum as the brand of reference, expert in royal jelly, as well as creating an architecture for the range that improves brand recognition and facilitating range navigation and understanding for the consumer.


Nasalmer, nasal decongestant brand belonging to Omega Pharma Group, needed to clarify its offer and benefits in order to develop itself in the pharmaceutical channel.

The challenge: Position Nasalmer as a referent brand of hypertonic products for the whole family and create a brand arquitecture that reinforces global brand recognition and product origin: 100% seawater.


biManán, brand belonging to Nutrition & Santé, a reference within the weight control category and European leader in dietetics, challenged us with the relaunch of their top selling ranges.

The challenge: To create an arquitecture that will allow the brand to be recognised globally, as well as differentiating and identifying each category to optimize segmentation.


Recuperat-ion, born in 2001, is a company dedicated to sports nutrition and muscular hydration. Their work is centered around the development of food supplements that are beneficial for beating dehydration, muscular erosion and for athletes in general. The company commercializes their products through two main sales channels: the pharmaceutical channel and specialized channels (sports shops).

The challenge:  Update and modernize Recuperat-ion, reinforcing its recognition and differentiation through the creation of brandblock and a packaging proposal for each channel of sale.

biManán Complet Diet

biManán, reference brand in the field of diet and slimming products, is preparing to launch a new diet program, a totally innovative concept which is based on a scientifically proven méthod, to be sold in pharmacies.

The challenge:

– To transmit the pillars of this diet, consisting in three days of complete substitution in order to lose weight with significant results:

i. Fixed-term intensive plan (3 days of complete substitution)

ii. Complete substitution plan based on beverages/milkshakes with a complete nutritional profile (5 milkshakes a day in the recommended schedule with less than 900kcal/day)

– To emphasise its efficiency based on the rapidity and reliability of the results.

– To communicate on how it works and to enhance the educational aspect of this new concept.

– To communicate the variety of flavours and emphasise the tastiness of the beverages.