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Nocilla Rebranding

Nocilla, market leader in chocolate spreads in Spain (46% of SOM), keeps resisting its challenger, Nutella. Nocilla […]


KELIA NATURE, subsidiary of LOUIS BAKING COMPANY, culminates in a patented formula and process and an intense […]


Merrild, Danish Coffee Brand (Lavazza Group) is the 2nd largest coffee manufacturer in Denmark and market leader […]


DANONE, worldwide leading food company decides to unify their dessert range under one brand. Desserts were a […]


Hornimans, leading tea brand, decides entrust Little Buddha to bring to life a design that will help […]


The Nocilla marketing team (market leader in chocolate spreads), together with Little Buddha Agency, decide to recover […]


BIMBO, the world’s largest baking company, has created a chocolate-filled sponge cake specifically for children between the […]


Jacquot is a traditional French chocolate brand that was taken over by the CEMOI group. Little known […]


PASTA GALLO revolutionizes dry pasta Pasta Gallo is the market leader in Spain for pasta. It was […]


Pickwick, is a leading tea brand in countries such as Denmark. The growth of the tea market […]