Secretos Queseros de Angulo

Through their leading brand of traditional cheese Angulo, Mantequerías Arias have tried to respond to the demand of an important consumer segment who are looking for a return to local and handcraft values. In order to do so, the company has created “Secretos Queseros de Angulo”, reviving three cheese recipes from the past – De la Sierra, De los Pastos and De la Llanura – craft prepared with goat’s milk, cow’s milk and a mix of three different milks (cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s) and moulded by hand. Each variety offers a specific texture and taste from a different age, just like the traditional cheeses of the past.

The challenge: create a pack design which transmits the values of authenticity and tradition specific to the Secretos de Angulo range, without losing the modernity and innovation required by the mass consumer market.


Aires de Jaén has olive estates that cross the Guadalquivir river and state-of-the-art technology to produce the best organic-quality oil. It is looking to produce Premium organic oil to market on a European level

The challenge:

We propose concepts, namings and designs that convey the premiumness of an organic oil, exploring the concepts considered by the agency.

Gallo Nature

Pastas Gallo, a leading pasta brand in the Spanish market, is looking to widen its range with a new category of pasta based on combinations of cereals or vegetables with specific nutritional benefits.

The challenge:

To create a new range of pasta that is Self Explanatory and that, under the sub-brand Nature, includes combinations of tasty, natural and quality cereals or vegetables.


The Ibericus Swine Association (ISA) was created to defend the real product made out of iberic pork bred with acorn according to the world famous process from Spain. The association needed a special branding to help consumer recognize the proper products and producers to get their products (hams and meats) distinguished from the standard mainstream food.

Little Buddha created a brand with a classic premium flair that conveys European sophistication and timeless tradition in order to stand out in American fine foods stores.

Espuña Canada

Espuña is a cold-cured meat brand with a strong presence in Spain and France. The company has decided to launch its brand in CANADA and has commissioned us to create a design to address this new market.

The challenge:

– To create a design for the launch of a range of cold-cured meats in Canada which is evocative of the brand’s Spanish/European origins without resorting to cliché

– To produce a didactic design to show how to consume the product

– To ensure that the design stands out from the current crowd, especially Italian products, in the market


YOLIGUR is a breakthrough innovation created by Ametller Origen: a yogurt range in which animal fats are replaced with olive oil. The range is available at Ametller shops, and also at supermarkets such as Caprabo.

The range visual was an oilcan filled with milk (this created an impact, but also confusion) and was commercialized in a small pot format that suggested sporadic consumption.

The challenge: To create a design grid that intuitively communicates the specificity of the product.


A reference brand in dietary and healthy products, Gerblé proposes the launch of a new product to be consumed as a substitute of traditional bread. This new product is presented in a small box containing crispy slices of toast made with a combination of different grains and seeds with a light touch of flavour.

The challenge:
Create the new range of Gerblé’s Cereal and Seed Toast:

– Effectively transmit that the product is a substitute for bread, apt for daily consumption and with a light touch of flavour.

– Reinforce its distinctive value: this is the only product within the sector that is elaborated with cereals and seeds with a light touch of flavour.

– The product is distinctive from the rest of the brand’s ranges.

– Maximize the friendly, modern and expert brand image, which offers added value to consumers.

Nocilla 0%

Nocilla is the leader in the chocolate spread market in Spain, with a 46% in value, in front of Nutella.

To satisfy the precise demands of their consumers, the company has developed Nocilla 0%, with the same flavour as traditional Nocilla, but with no added sugar.

The challenge:

Using the new brand architecture of Nocilla developed by Little Buddha as a starting point, the brief stated the need for the design of the new packaging of Nocilla 0%, keeping in mind the following:

– Respect the design grid of the brand and seamlessly integrate with the range.

– Differentiate and intuitively transmit the product DNA: 0%

– Communicate the main messages:

– 0% added sugars

– Sweetened with stevia

– 100% flavour


Pastas GALLO, one of the five leading pasta producers in Europe and the Dry Pasta leading brand in Spain, considers strategies for:

– Increasing pasta consumption, expanding opportunities aside from home cooking.

– Adding more value to pasta

– Modernizing the Pastas Gallo image, revolutionizing the display.

– Creating a new segment in which to position as the industry leader.

The challenge:

– Create a friendly and everyday naming for authentic pasta that is prepared in five minutes.

– Develop a design grid that conveys naturalness and showcases the dry pasta (to reinforce the idea that it has to be cooked, it is not a ready-made meal.)

Ametller Origen

Casa Ametller has expanded rapidly: from overseeing the origin of its production (crops grown in their own farms), to creating welcoming stores, and selling products with their brand “Ametller Origen” in the modern channel.

The rapid growth, and the great reactivity of the company, has lead to a situation with a wide range of products from diverse categories, with different identities.

An investigation, conducted by Deloitte, confirms that the company has a solid brand image, in which the consumers perceive the following values:

– Closeness and honesty

– Quality commitment

– Empathy and connection

When Ametller Origen decides to distribute its production in the modern channel, it becomes aware of the necessity of defining a brand positioning, ordering their product range, and defining a design grid for each category, while differentiating them from the products selected by Ametller (but not produced by the company).

The challenge:

– To communicate the essence and values of Ametller Origen, a company committed to the quality of the ingredients.

– Create a Design Grid that ensures a brand identification, and strong graphic consistency, while allowing differentiation between categories (i.e. soups vs yoghurt vs desserts), and between products (i.e. skimmed strawberry creamy yoghurt), in a way that is intuitive for the consumers.