Los Increibles Mun – Santillana

Grupo Editorial Santillana specializes in the creation and publishing of textbooks and educational content at an international level. They support teaching and knowledge throughout all stages of schooling: Nursery, Elementary, Middle School, and High School, as well as technical certificates.
With the goal of reinforcing the presentation campaign of Nursery proposal (ages 3 – 5), we were commissioned to create a communication concept and design “Los Increibles Mun” (The Incredible Mun) catalogue.

The challenge:
– Create a common thread that guides the communication over the entire campaign through an interactive speech.

– Transmit the brand identity of “Los Mun”, the Nursery-targeted educational project.

– Strengthen the educational fundamentals of the project while transmitting the versatility and modernity of the project in order to accommodate “non-use” and level differences among children.

– Reinforce Santillana’s identity as a reference in the educational market.


Sonae, is a Portuguese multinational company managing a diversified portfolio of businesses in retail, financial services, technology, shopping centres and telecommunications. It is also the food retail market leader in Portugal. Sonae has around 40,000 employees and is present in more than 86 countries.

Innovation is at the core of Sonae’s mission, mindset and people. Every year, Sonae publishes the Retail Book of Innovation, a forward-looking report in the global business sector, that presents the most innovative projects and achievements of Sonae’s retail brands.

The Retail Book of Innovation is one of Sonae’s publications with greater visibility, and has been edited since 2009, with a clear mission: to report and promote innovation, standing out as a reference in the global retail sector.

The Challenge:

–  To create a new concept for the Retail Innovation Book, where the design and layout reflect the passion for innovation and the intense teamwork and collaboration behind it.

– The Book should reinforce the brand attributes of Sonae: determined, creative, dynamic, enthusiast, open and world class.

– The 2016 edition should have a pleasant/easy to read format, quite visual in an “executive summary” style.

– Should ideally stand out in a unique way, in order to be eligible for a design award.