Freshwave is a product that uses American technology to eliminate odours by absorbing them (not covering them up with other fragrances) using natural active ingredients.
The product imported by HUMEX is not achieving the desired growth. Its design prioritises the name FRESHWAVE (not self-explanatory) through the support of digital lines on a white background: the consumer does perceive the differential value of the product.

The challenge:

– achieve impact in a display rack that is saturated with brands and colours.

– communicate the product’s benefits (eliminates odours, without its own odour).

Bref Korea

Henkel BREF is leading the category of toilet care in Korea with 43% of Market Share. Still, competition is fierce launching NPD in the WC rimblock segment where BREF is the dominant player. To take the lead in innovation, BREF KOREA decides to differentiate products vs parallel goods on their range.

The challenge:

– Create variants of BREF with essential oils in order to obtain differential status by highlighting:

– The essential oil (Premiumness)

– Authentic Mark

– Make the variants stand out within BREF international design grid.


BOLASECA S.A., is a company based in Murcia (Spain), that creates, produces and commercialises air humidity control gadgets on a global level.

However, the company nowadays is developing innovative products that question the name of the company: on one hand, to leave behind the initial territory of « drying the air », on the other, the innovative products need the support of a company that evoques these values.

The challenge :
– To create a naming that evoques an international and innovative company

– To create a corporate identity that supports this positioning.


Neossence, a spanish company with a hard bet on technology, research and development, directed through an innovation (R+D) pipeline, develops DURAFRESH: a completely innocuous product that absorbs the gases in the fridge caused by fruit maduration, guaranteeing a better conservation of fruits and vegetables, with an application for freezers for odor removal, as well.

The challenge :
Creating a «self explanatory» packaging that allows the understanding of this innovative product, avoiding confusion with the different products available in display (air-fresheners, etc.)


PASO, from ACMarca, is a leading professional cleaning Brand in the specialized channel  (hardware stores, drugstores and professional shopping areas). The brand, after improving its formula, asked Little Buddha to upgrade Brand perception .

The challenge: Provide the Brand with a differential value vs competitors, while enhancing its power, professionalism and efficacy, and facilitating visual navigation of each category and reference.


Pemolux is a leading cleaning brand in the Russian market.

The challenge: Its image needed to be updated. It was perceived as a reliable brand with proven results, that was respectful and good value, but that was dragging an out-dated image versus newly arrived brands such as Comet, Cillit Bang or Cif.