La Casera

Schweppes Suntory Spain, a leading company in the non-alcoholic beverage market, includes major brands in its portfolio, such as Schweppes, Trina, Pulco and La Casera. The latter being one of the most emblematic brands in the Spanish market, it is part of today’s collective worldview of our society and boasts more than 60 years of history since the launch of its iconic bottle of soda. Represented by its flagship product, the Tinto de Verano (red wine with soda), La Casera is positioned as a familiar, fun and close brand.
Faced with the success of new trends in the consumption of low-alcoholic beverages, such as craft beers, shandies or vermouths, La Casera decides to take a qualitative leap image-wise.

The challenge:

To carry out a packaging redesign that positions the La Casera Tinto de Verano as a quality product for adults.


Beveland wants to launch a Premium Dark Rum with a Denomination of Origin Fiji Islands, with the objective of enriching the alternatives of D.O. of the rum, and propose to the consumers and rum lovers a product manufacture in these so-called paradisiacal volcanic islands.

We’ve been asked to work on the creative thinking of this imaginary, and the creation of the design of this new rum, as well.

The challenge:
Work on the imaginary of this new Premium rum with Fijian origins. This imaginary contemplates the creation of specific codes, typographies, icons, images that represent it.

Develop the design of this new rum:

– The design will be on a bottle with a unique & specific format.

– The aim is to:

– Reinforce the exotic differential spirit of this rum.

– To stress the Premium treatment that characterizes this origin.


Great part of the Ice tea volumes benefit from the positive image of the tea (thus are a healthy alternative to soft drinks) but the polarizing flavor of the tea is usually disguised with an important amount of sugar and a questionable quantity of tea.

Japanese Tea Tradition includes a wide range of unsweetened green teas, that offer a natural and healthy hydration without calories. Some of these teas that have a « Foshu » (functional food) label in Japan include:

– Green Teas

– Toasted Teas

– Roasted Rice Teas

– Barley Tea

Jean Jacques Fredj, former GM at Danone, passionate about Japan where he lived part of his life, launches a new sugar-free ice tea range in Europe, infused with imported tea leaves from Japan.

The challenge: To convey the concept of a healthy product imported from Japan from a European perspective. And to create self explanatory product, that can stand out on the shelf, and that it differentiates from it’s competition.


Freixenet Group, world leader in sparkling wines elaborated according to traditional methods, asked us to create a brand application manual, as well as a new transversal creative concept, suitable for all campaigns, at any time of the year, for the Grocery channel.

The Challenge:

– To work on an identifiable and qualitative brand image, that makes it different from the competitors and everlasting.

– To generate brand visibility

Sant Aniol

Sant Aniol mineral water, originating from the volcanos of la Garrotxa (Pyrenees), distributes its bottles on-premise with the support of several Michelin Star tables as well as off-premise, especially in Catalonia.

The challenge: its ranges off-premise/on-premise, PET/Glass had varying graphic styles, so a restyle was decided as part of the relaunch of the brand.

Isidro Milagro

Bodegas Isidro Milagro, one of the top ten producers of wine in Spain, entrusted us with the redesign of their corporate identity. The aim was to create both conservative options as well as more groundbreaking options that would reflect the evolution of the company.

This animation presents our proposals as well as the option chosen by client.

Sal de Fiesta

This range is composed of young wines, aimed at a target that is being initiated into the wine world. The challenge was to create a new range, attractive for the inexperienced public who values more modern graphic codes. In order to respond to these needs, we used animal illustrations, each representing a stereotypical personality that one would normally find in any group of friends.

Sant Aniol Water

Sant Aniol, extracts its mineral water from the volcanoes of the Garrotxa, and distributes it through a modern channel and Horeca, including Michelin star restaurants.
After the restyle of the PET range, which centres Sant Aniol’s USP around its volcanic origin, the glass bottle range is worked on.

The challenge: To develop a proposal for returnable glass that reinforces the PET range’s graphic proposal in the Horeca channel, where the relationship with the pack is more paused and offers an opportunity to communicate more of the brand’s values.

Hornimans World Pleasures

Hornimans asked Little Buddha to design the packaging for Horniman’s new range, “World Pleasures” in a Loose Tea format. The new range mixes exotic teas and infusions, inspired by different cultures and traditions from around the world.

This new concept is aimed at an audience that aspires to taste high quality teas and that finds the combination of exotic flavours another way to get to know other cultures.

The challenge: Creation of Horniman’s first loose tea range, respecting the structure and look & feel of the Brand, transmitting premiumness and differentiating between varieties.