Nocilla 0%
Nocilla 0%

Nocilla 0%

Nocilla is the leader in the chocolate spread market in Spain, with a 46% in value, in front of Nutella.

To satisfy the precise demands of their consumers, the company has developed Nocilla 0%, with the same flavour as traditional Nocilla, but with no added sugar.

The challenge:

Using the new brand architecture of Nocilla developed by Little Buddha as a starting point, the brief stated the need for the design of the new packaging of Nocilla 0%, keeping in mind the following:

– Respect the design grid of the brand and seamlessly integrate with the range.

– Differentiate and intuitively transmit the product DNA: 0%

– Communicate the main messages:

– 0% added sugars

– Sweetened with stevia

– 100% flavour

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