Neutrex Suave
Neutrex Suave

Neutrex Suave

Bleach is a very important category in Spain and it is used in many ways: to clean the floor, disinfecting, whitening clothes, sanitizing water from plants or making water drinkable…

Neutrex is one of Henkel’s (leader in the bleach segment for bleaching clothes) bleach brand. One of the barriers to the consumption of bleach is the concern that bleach spoils clothes and turns them harsher, to overcome this barrier, Henkel had launched Neutrex Suave, a gel (interpreted as more careful) with a formulation that takes better care of the clothes and as a key visual; a baby dressed in immaculate white.  However, the product had low rotations after one year on the market.

The challenge:

Analyse the reasons for these low turnovers and propose a design that boosts sales.

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