Los Increibles Mun – Santillana


Los Increibles Mun – Santillana

Grupo Editorial Santillana specializes in the creation and publishing of textbooks and educational content at an international level. They support teaching and knowledge throughout all stages of schooling: Nursery, Elementary, Middle School, and High School, as well as technical certificates.
With the goal of reinforcing the presentation campaign of Nursery proposal (ages 3 – 5), we were commissioned to create a communication concept and design “Los Increibles Mun” (The Incredible Mun) catalogue.

The challenge:
– Create a common thread that guides the communication over the entire campaign through an interactive speech.

– Transmit the brand identity of “Los Mun”, the Nursery-targeted educational project.

– Strengthen the educational fundamentals of the project while transmitting the versatility and modernity of the project in order to accommodate “non-use” and level differences among children.

– Reinforce Santillana’s identity as a reference in the educational market.

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