biManán Complet Diet
biManán Complet Diet

biManán Complet Diet

biManán, reference brand in the field of diet and slimming products, is preparing to launch a new diet program, a totally innovative concept which is based on a scientifically proven méthod, to be sold in pharmacies.

The challenge:

– To transmit the pillars of this diet, consisting in three days of complete substitution in order to lose weight with significant results:

i. Fixed-term intensive plan (3 days of complete substitution)

ii. Complete substitution plan based on beverages/milkshakes with a complete nutritional profile (5 milkshakes a day in the recommended schedule with less than 900kcal/day)

– To emphasise its efficiency based on the rapidity and reliability of the results.

– To communicate on how it works and to enhance the educational aspect of this new concept.

– To communicate the variety of flavours and emphasise the tastiness of the beverages.

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