Ametller Origen
Ametller Origen

Ametller Origen

Casa Ametller

November 2016



Casa Ametller has expanded rapidly: from overseeing the origin of its production (crops grown in their own farms), to creating welcoming stores, and selling products with their brand “Ametller Origen” in the modern channel.

The rapid growth, and the great reactivity of the company, has lead to a situation with a wide range of products from diverse categories, with different identities.

An investigation, conducted by Deloitte, confirms that the company has a solid brand image, in which the consumers perceive the following values:

– Closeness and honesty

– Quality commitment

– Empathy and connection

When Ametller Origen decides to distribute its production in the modern channel, it becomes aware of the necessity of defining a brand positioning, ordering their product range, and defining a design grid for each category, while differentiating them from the products selected by Ametller (but not produced by the company).

The challenge:

– To communicate the essence and values of Ametller Origen, a company committed to the quality of the ingredients.

– Create a Design Grid that ensures a brand identification, and strong graphic consistency, while allowing differentiation between categories (i.e. soups vs yoghurt vs desserts), and between products (i.e. skimmed strawberry creamy yoghurt), in a way that is intuitive for the consumers.

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