Blue Smile

Blue Smile is a charity set in Cambridge. Its mission is to integrate children suffering from mental health issues in their school community thanks to therapy sessions which use art as a tool for inclusivity. In average 4 students in each class suffers from mental health issues.

It’s important to have a recognisable and modern visual identity as well as a graphic manual for the brand’s use accessible on different supports so that their users can work on it correctly and efficiently.


The challenge:                                                            

Renew the brand, keeping a similar identity, but modernised.

Develop a brand guide which can be easy to understand for their groups of interest, which are not necessarily linked with design, such as volunteers, partners and schools.

Neutrex Suave

Bleach is a very important category in Spain and it is used in many ways: to clean the floor, disinfecting, whitening clothes, sanitizing water from plants or making water drinkable…

Neutrex is one of Henkel’s (leader in the bleach segment for bleaching clothes) bleach brand. One of the barriers to the consumption of bleach is the concern that bleach spoils clothes and turns them harsher, to overcome this barrier, Henkel had launched Neutrex Suave, a gel (interpreted as more careful) with a formulation that takes better care of the clothes and as a key visual; a baby dressed in immaculate white.  However, the product had low rotations after one year on the market.

The challenge:

Analyse the reasons for these low turnovers and propose a design that boosts sales.


Almirón, the leading brand in powdered infant formulas, has detected that its brand attributes – science, research and laboratory – do not add up to its cereals segment, where parents seek more natural features. The design similarity between Almirón formulas and cereals does not allow cereals to develop their own positioning.

The challenge:

Creating an image for Almirón’s new cereals that conveys naturalness, while approaching the cereals category and communicating the recent improvements in formulation this new range has incorporated

Secretos Queseros de Angulo

Through their leading brand of traditional cheese Angulo, Mantequerías Arias have tried to respond to the demand of an important consumer segment who are looking for a return to local and handcraft values. In order to do so, the company has created “Secretos Queseros de Angulo”, reviving three cheese recipes from the past – De la Sierra, De los Pastos and De la Llanura – craft prepared with goat’s milk, cow’s milk and a mix of three different milks (cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s) and moulded by hand. Each variety offers a specific texture and taste from a different age, just like the traditional cheeses of the past.

The challenge: create a pack design which transmits the values of authenticity and tradition specific to the Secretos de Angulo range, without losing the modernity and innovation required by the mass consumer market.

La Casera

Schweppes Suntory Spain, a leading company in the non-alcoholic beverage market, includes major brands in its portfolio, such as Schweppes, Trina, Pulco and La Casera. The latter being one of the most emblematic brands in the Spanish market, it is part of today’s collective worldview of our society and boasts more than 60 years of history since the launch of its iconic bottle of soda. Represented by its flagship product, the Tinto de Verano (red wine with soda), La Casera is positioned as a familiar, fun and close brand.
Faced with the success of new trends in the consumption of low-alcoholic beverages, such as craft beers, shandies or vermouths, La Casera decides to take a qualitative leap image-wise.

The challenge:

To carry out a packaging redesign that positions the La Casera Tinto de Verano as a quality product for adults.


SPOTLESS was a company with head offices in France, which purchased most of the SARA LEE Insect Control brands in Europe and was later taken over by Henkel. Henkel already owned Insecticide businesses in the United States and South Korea, but not in Europe.
On studying consumers, Spotless identified that; whereas a cluster of consumers wants to eradicate insects (“radical killers”), others are more concerned about themselves and their children not breathing in potentially harmful products and seek more friendly solutions, such as banishing mosquitoes without having to kill them.
In France, Spotless purchased ZENSECT from the multinational L’Óreal. Zensect is a brand that proposes “friendly protection” and has developed a formula inspired by the molecules produced by tomatoes to avoid being bitten by mosquitos.

The challenge:

To create a design grid for a product that looks like an air freshener and has a pleasant citrus smell, but that contains molecules copied from those used by tomatoes to keep mosquitoes away. It must be understood that this is not a mere air freshener or an “aggressive” insecticide.

Ultima Wet

Affinity Petcare Leader in dog and cat food in Spain, third in Europe, commissioned Little Buddha Brand Design Agency to relaunch the range of wet food for small dogs (multipacks and individual cans), for Ultima. 

The challenge:

Provide the Ultima Dog WET (Mini) range with a personality of its own in order to reinforce the drivers of the category and maintain the equity of the brand.


Aires de Jaén has olive estates that cross the Guadalquivir river and state-of-the-art technology to produce the best organic-quality oil. It is looking to produce Premium organic oil to market on a European level

The challenge:

We propose concepts, namings and designs that convey the premiumness of an organic oil, exploring the concepts considered by the agency.

Gallo Nature

Pastas Gallo, a leading pasta brand in the Spanish market, is looking to widen its range with a new category of pasta based on combinations of cereals or vegetables with specific nutritional benefits.

The challenge:

To create a new range of pasta that is Self Explanatory and that, under the sub-brand Nature, includes combinations of tasty, natural and quality cereals or vegetables.


The Ibericus Swine Association (ISA) was created to defend the real product made out of iberic pork bred with acorn according to the world famous process from Spain. The association needed a special branding to help consumer recognize the proper products and producers to get their products (hams and meats) distinguished from the standard mainstream food.

Little Buddha created a brand with a classic premium flair that conveys European sophistication and timeless tradition in order to stand out in American fine foods stores.