Little Buddha launches its new website and corporate identity

As part of their expansion plan, Little Buddha has renewed its corporate identity, leaving the iconic logo that has been with them since their inception in 2007 behind, giving way for a new image that is more consistent with the dimension and international reach of the agency.

The new logotype and new baseline (Elevated Brand Strategy) reflect the way in which the agency understands the creative and strategic process for each project, a process in which a multicultural team of over 10 nationalities participate, that builds and feeds brands with passion and that results in a balanced, global and wise work methodology.

The result of this combination of marketing and design experts has led the agency to create its own Brand Design methodology, differentiated from the competition, offering a product that caters to the consumers and clients needs, both in terms of marketing and creativity.

Within the new image launch strategy, Little Buddha has also launched a new site and communication policy centred around digital and social media channels.

The new website has been redesigned with the objective of having a more practical, up-to-date and useful space from which to communicate and be able to project the agency’s large portfolio, which includes packaging, naming, corporate identity and graphic communication projects for brands from diverse sectors, such as food, drinks, pet food, personal hygiene and cosmetics, among others.

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