Little Buddha collaborates with On The Grid, the designer’s neighborhood guide

On the Grid, the new neighborhood guide that collects creative’s and designer’s favorite places arrives in Barcelona with Little Buddha as curators of Poblenou urban district.

Designers, creatives, travellers, tourists and locals will be able to discover our favorite restaurants, secret spaces, shops and cafés on our grid.

We know that when traveling it is hard to find useful, honest information and suggestions on where to go and what to see. There are plenty of websites with infinite mixed opinions you can’t source or books that become rapidly outdated, which makes it all a bit confusing. This is why Kyperakt, the Brooklyn based design agency, created On the Grid, “a user-friendly guide curated by talented local designers who want to share exceptional places in their neighborhood with the rest of the world.”. It all started after they moved their offices to an up and coming neighborhood called Gowanus, and wanted to share their view of the area with everyone, and to go further and expand it and make it a worldwide project.

In a similar way, here at Little Buddha we are lucky enough to be located in one of the most up and coming areas of Barcelona, Poblenou, the neighborhood known for being the home of pioneering creative and tech projects and start-ups. The ambassadors of Barcelona ZeClé contacted us to curate the area, and we jumped at the chance of scanning and reviewing the hottest spots in around us. We discovered amazing business and projects, everything from scandinavian furniture shops like Noak Room and record shops like Ultralocal Records to secret restaurants like La Contrasenya, but mainly we got to know the people behind them and to really find out what the Poblenou creative community is all about.

Back in the day, Poblenou was known as the “Catalonian Manchester” for being the centre of Catalan and Iberian industry. After the 1992 Olympics, the city decided to implement the 22@ district plan. The project basically meant to renew the area, which had been left pretty abandoned, in to a central business district. Nowadays, that old cluster of factories and working class residences has evolved in to the city’s tech and innovation district. Artists, creatives and young professionals from around the world have converted the former factories and warehouses into unique lofts, galleries, shops and co-working spaces.

So, here are our picks, enjoy!


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