#DontLetYour GuardDown, an initiative that joins forces against COVID-19.

Today we enjoy meeting our families and friends again but if we let our guard down we take the risk of losing everything. A new lockdown would have a significant impact on our lives, jobs and economy.

#DontLetYourGuardDown was born during the lockdown and promoted by our Agency with a clear purpose: to contribute to this difficult situation, trying to raise awareness among the entire population about the importance of following safety measures to keep the COVID-19 under control.

This altruistic initiative makes available a set of seals or stamps for companies and individuals who want to join it. These seals can be downloaded for free on the website, in different formats and 11 languages such as Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, French or English, among others.

This situation is everyone’s responsibility, and so is the diffusion of this message. That is why this initiative encourages its collaborators to incorporate these seals on their websites, social networks, newsletters, packaging… In the end, the further the message reaches, the more likely we are to avoid new infections and a possible lockdown!

What does the message #DontLetYourGuardDown imply? Four very simple measures

# 01 Mandatory mask

From 6 years old, both in open and closed spaces. The mask should fit the face, covering mouth, nose and chin.

# 02 Wash your hands

With soap and water frequently for more than 40 seconds. Dry them with a single-use towel and use it later to turn off the tap.

# 03 Maintain social distance

Ideally 2 meters.

# 04 Clean surfaces

Ideally with a clean cloth dipped in a solution of two tablespoons of bleach per litre of water.

United we can make a difference and avoid going back. Together we can!

If you want to join this initiative, do not hesitate to contact us.



Phone: 934 15 29 28





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