2020: A view of the future from C Level

What do CEO think of what we should expect in the 2020 decade?
The vision of 2020 from 20 top executives from the C Level.
20 executives from the C-Level answer to 20 questions about 2020.
We wonder what the future will be like in marketing, business strategy, technology and sustainability from the perspective of 2020.

Executive Summaries: How brands grow

Do you believe…
That differentiating a brand is a central task of marketing?
That customer retention is cheaper than acquisition?
That the heaviest 20% of a brand’s customers generate 80% of its sales?
In treating “light buyers” as less important than heavy buyers?
Well, well…Byron Sharp proves you wrong

Executive Summaries: The Brand Handbook

Wally Olins makes branding accessible to anyone by breaking down all the aspects of the process: from conception to execution to launch, this executive summary will give you all the tools you need to create a brand and make it thrive.

Colouring book for kids in confinement

We had the idea to create a colouring book by gathering some of the drawings we made for our clients these past few years: you can print it and entertain the young ones during this time at home.

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