What do CEO think of what we should expect in the 2020 decade?

The vision of 2020 from 20 top executives from the C Level.

Download; 2020: A view of the future from C LEVEL

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20  executives from the C-Level answer to 20 questions about 2020.

We wonder what the future will be like in marketing, business strategy, technology and sustainability from the perspective of 2020.

“Discover the answers to questions like:”

  • Will analysis of Big Data take over from Marketing Market Study?
  • What impact will have Virtual Reality on retail?
  • What is the future of retail?
  • What importance will packaging have in Brand Strategy in the coming years?
  • Will we eat hamburgers printed in 3D?

Download now “2020: A view of the future from C LEVEL” and please share your comments.

ebook c level 2020

Download; 2020: A view of the future from C LEVEL

What is your position in the company? *

They have participated to this eBook…

We asked 20 influential people from the “C LEVEL” (CEO, CMO, …) 20 questions about marketing, business strategy, technology and each of them shares their view of what lies ahead in this book.

Joao Andorinha

João Andorinha VP R&D Ferrero

Jean Jaques Fredj

Jean Jaques Fredj CEO Umaicha

Asun Mena

Asun Mena CEO Quid

Nuria Ribé

Nuria Ribé VP Marketing Home Care at Henkel

Javier Asarta

Javier Asarta CEO Altius Partners

Stephane Hautsch

Stephane Hautsch CMO Parex

Santi Mier

Santi Mier CEO Ocean 52

Walter Sanseverino

Walter Sanseverino CEO Sequntia Biotech

Jacques Bungert

Jacques Bungert CEO Courrèges

Mar Doñate CMO Calidad Pascual

Rafa Pamias VP Bimbo

David Tomás

David Tomás CEO Cyberclick

Cesar Vargas CMO Suntory Schweppes

Trishul Mandana

Trishul Mandana CEO Volcafe

Juanjo Perez Cuesta

Juanjo Perez Cuesta CEO Brake Breakers

Juan Viñas

Juan Viñas CMO Pescanova

Rajiv Chandra

Rajiv Chandra CEO MUM&YOU

Bertrand Massanes

Bertrand Massanes Founder Little Buddha

Pepe Raventós

Pepe Raventós CEO Raventós i Blanc

Alex Whitehouse

Alex Whitehouse CEO Premier Foods

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