Revitalising a classic

We updated the branding & packaging of Reflex, a Reckitt reference in OTC products.


Case stories: Reckitt. Manual de marca de Reflex
Case stories: Reckitt. Reflex paqclaging design
Case stories: Reckitt. Reflex corporate identity
Case stories: Reckitt. Reflex paqclaging design
Case stories: Reckitt. Reflex spray muscular pain
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Reflex, a reference for more than 50 years in OTC sports care products, is positioned as an answer to the pain caused by sport with a double key benefit: speed and efficiency.

To reposition the brand towards global body pain (increasing the occasions of use and penetration in specific groups), with a more modern “look & feel” and incorporating graphic elements of the Nurofen brand (Reckitt’s brand that already worked on global pain).

The everyday Reflex, as never before.

We worked on branding without rupture, maintaining the brand’s DMS (Distinctive Memory Structures): chromatisms and diagonal design.

We incorporated significant graphic elements so that the consumer would be able to decode the new use of the product and its transition towards global body pain (within the limitations of the pharmaceutical world).

We gave more vitality to the brand, enriching its design and bringing it closer to Nurofen through graphic cues.

Evolving from the essence.

Without losing its anchor points, we moved Reflex towards a more contemporary and vital language.

We incorporated a new visual key for the brand, the Nurofen target, with the aim of highlighting the different pain points of the body, increasing its type of use and persuasiveness.

We managed to create a “look & feel” based on the effectiveness, speed and duration of the product’s effect.

Branding as an impulse for a leap forward.