Expressing naturalness

A sustainable and harmless approach to hair colouring


Case stories: Expressing naturalness. Montibello. Dénuée naming
Case stories: Expressing naturalness. Montibello. Dénuée visual identity
Case stories: Expressing naturalness. Montibello. Dénuée flower illustration
Case stories: Expressing naturalness. Montibello. Dénuée catalog

Pepa del Pozo

Marketing Director Montibello

Little Buddha has helped us to reverse the message from society to the channel. This way we have been able to accelerate the perception of the change and transformation that Montibello is carrying out. Ultimately, the packaging brings together a strategic, selling and informational approach to the new Montibello Coloration and Purpose.

Case stories: Expressing naturalness. Montibello. Dénuée packaging design
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Montibello, expert in the manufacture and distribution of professional cosmetics, launches its latest innovation in professional hair colouring: the first and only water-based, ammonia-free hair colouring range, capable of achieving natural hair’s colour and shine.

To create branding and packaging for the new ammonia-free hair colour range that communicates the perfect combination of nature and science, being able to express this new perception of committed duality.

A natural hair colour that cares for your skin and the planet.

We challenged the planned naming to declare its promise and main objective: a product devoid of ammonia that invites you to discover a new naturalness for your hair.

We created a modern and simple typographic branding, declined in a harmonious and ordered set, where the information coexisted in a hierarchical way making it easy to read, with a “naked” design grid to express the honesty and natural ingredients of the brand.

Discovering the elegance of the natural.

We defined a name that was both concrete and evocative: DÉNUÉE. The choice of using French responded to the glamorous evocation of its cosmetics, expressing something simple and direct, devoid of all artificiality, naked, without trickery.

We created a subtle, powerful and flexible illustration, capable of adapting to the different formats required. The illustration of a flower on a light-coloured base evoked the natural active ingredients used in the formula without losing the feminine elegance so necessary for the brand. A design that conveyed purity, delicacy and functionality.

An elegantly transgressive naturalness in hair dyes.