Lighting up the Asian market

Launching AQUILEA BEAUTY on the overcrowded Chinese eCommerce market


Case stories: Aquilea Beauty Glow antiaging. Uriach
Case stories: cosmetics packaging Aquilea Beauty Glow. Uriach
Case stories: Aquilea Beauty Glow photography. Uriach

Eva Garcés

International Marketing Manager Uriach

From the beginning of the project, we knew that the Day & Night concept had to be reflected in the packaging. It was also necessary to create a differentiating and premium format to generate in our client the desire to buy. Together with Little Buddha we worked on the design and creation of an attractive and reusable packaging format. The result was excellent, as the final proposal combined all the requirements set out in the briefing, in terms of innovation, differentiation and premium treatment of the finishes.

Case stories: Aquilea Beauty Glow tag cosmetics. Uriach
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Aquilea, a OTC brand of Uriach Laboratories, aims to become a significant player in nutricosmetics in the Chinese market.

It’s launching the Beauty Glow range, food supplements with active agents that help skin care, whitening and brightening.

The range, which will be sold exclusively on eCommerce platforms, requires a self-explanatory and premium design, with a packaging format that is differentiating and desirable to the Asian public.

To create a transversal concept for this new premium brand in terms of branding and packaging.

To be able to stand out in a hyper-saturated and competitive online sales market.

To build an aspirational graphic design playing with cultural and aesthetic references for the Chinese consumer.

We carried out an immersion and extensive cultural (nutricosmetics consumption in the Asian market), aesthetic (high fashion cosmetics) and formal (pack volume, finishes…) research.

We sought an aesthetic universe that could stand out online and, at the same time, function as an aesthetic element in the home of each consumer, being perceived as an object of desire (the bathroom’s pride).

Our idea was to keep the design simple and very different from the market in order to stand out in thumbnail format.

Avoid ethnocentrism and project ourselves in Shanghai.

We defined a legitimate and relevant concept for the brand: Day and Night. From this duality, mystical in the Asian market, a pack with minimalist aesthetics, premium finishes and a unique texture that simulated skin was born. We created a key visual that supported the didactics of the product, generating a mandatory eye-catching element on eCommerce platforms.

We built a design grid that worked transversally for the creation of the range, a simplified structure at the message level, which reinforced the concept in each reference. The packaging format stands out: two totally complementary boxes through the union of our visual key.

A brand that shines day and night.