Why We Love Corporate Identity (And You Should, Too!)

Most Corporate Identity professionals have something in common: regardless of their specific field of expertise (Marketing strategy, Packaging, Branding, Consulting, POS, Graphic Design, Naming…), the vast majority of them are particularly passionate about their job and proud to help brands grow through their respective talents. At Little Buddha, we are talking about making Brands levitate, in other words: making Brands grow while enhancing the company’s Corporate Identity, which we have been doing for years, through hundreds of projects. But what keeps us motivated from project to project, what makes our blood flow on a daily basis? In other words, what makes Corporate Identity so fascinating to us? And why should you also become a Corporate Identity fan?

Corporate Identity: the most important communication tool for any business

First and foremost, we love Corporate Identity for the importance it has on your company’s results. Corporate Identity is indeed the best way to generate a positive impact on your customer’s mind, as easy as that. It helps the recognition of your organization and its services and is the most significant vector of quality towards the market place. Basically, Corporate Identity is an expression and reflection of an organization’s culture, character, personality and products. A strong and effective Corporate Identity helps your business to survive in the market on the long term and that is what drives us primarily.

Corporate Identity generates internal unity and a sense of belonging 

We also love Corporate Identity for its inclusive characteristics. Corporate Identity is the de facto glue that binds all employees working for a company. A good way to illustrate that would be to quote Indra Nooyi, former PepsiCo’s CEO, who claimed that despite the immense cultural diversity within her company at every level, every employees got closer together thanks to the common values represented by the brand. This is one huge attribute of Corporate Identity, one that all managers should leverage: the capacity to transcend internal differences and federate all staff around common values.

Corporate Identity: at the crossroad between creativity and strategy

Let’s face it, the business world can be a cold, cold place: number-driven and usually not giving much space to creativity. Market shares, profits and margin calculations, financial forecasting, cost reductions… These are the types of levers to manage in order to keep your business healthy and your stakeholders happy. In that sense, Corporate Identity is a bubble of fresh air for any manager. Indeed, creating or maintaining Corporate Identity gives you a unique opportunity to look further than the spreadsheets and to instill sense and meaning within your daily managerial activities. In addition, it is a lot easier for any executive to perform when she or he knows that the company means more than just a bottom-line figure. It is also an awesome opportunity to integrate a bit of creativity into your daily life. Translating business strategies into different creative elements of Corporate Identity is indeed one of the most satisfying and fulfilling task a manager can be involved with.

All Corporate Identity projects are different

As a Branding agency, it is fair to say that daily routine doesn’t exist for us. That’s probably what we love most about Corporate Identity: each new brief that reaches our desks means a completely new approach and new angles to identify. Working Corporate Identity bares the promise that each new project will be different from any other project tackled in the past and it naturally pushes us to come up constantly with fresh ideas and to stay at the forefront of Branding trends. For companies, monitoring the relevance of their Corporate Identity arsenal is out of the utmost importance. The good news is: looking for ways to upgrade Corporate Branding and Image is quite a fun, albeit serious, exercise.

Corporate Identity means brand consistency, worldwide

We also love Corporate Identity because it makes your Brand coherent across all media and applications but also, across borders. A well-designed Corporate Identity will ensure that your company’s image is relevant and consistent worldwide. The most brand consistent companies usually are the ones who make sure that every piece of content they create strictly adheres to their brand identity and brand guidelines. As a Branding and Designing agency, we just love to be involved in the establishment of those guidelines because we know from experience how deeply they will refresh and transform the company itself.

Corporate Identity it is the best platform for a fresh, new start

Ever heard about accounting firm Arthur Andersen? This US-Based giant, one of the world’s largest multinational companies at the turn of the century, faced major legal issues in 2002 and was ultimately convicted of fraud in 2005. How is this relevant to Corporate Identity you ask… Well, the consultancy and outsourcing branch of Arthur Andersen still exists today thanks to a massive Corporate Identity overhaul, which swiped all of Arthur Andersen’s past attributes as a brand, to create a completely new one, called Accenture. In that scenario, Corporate Identity allowed the surviving entity not only to separate itself from past scandal and failures, but also to regain its spot within the top 5 consultancy firms in no time. The new personality of the company was clearly focused on moving forward, which the company did as a whole. For example, the new name Accenture is a compression of  “Accent on the Future” and the new logo clearly invites to move forward.

From Andersen Consulting to Accenture, or how to move on thanks to corporate identity.

November 12th, 2019 | Corporate Identity

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