Social branding is a key strategic success factor, is your brand ready?

Media oversaturation with millions of messages on billboards, twits, post, likes… but what is it that really matters to consumers? We are experiencing a bold transformation in the way consumers relate and bond to brands.

Conventional branding has evolved beyond product centric RTB and PODs to embrace a social dimension measuring the brands ability to make a positive impact on society and the environment. Today consumers look for honest and brave brands that take a stand, a clear public stand on relevant social issues. Even if risky, if controversial, brands that find the strategic fit that allows them to take a stand and speak up on a relevant issue that is linked to their business are in to win the race. We are now more than ever forced to consider our impact on a global scale!

Yes, I will buy your product or service because I like it, because it helps me, because it’s good, because of its taste or its design but … what kind of brand are you? I want brands with a personality and purpose that represent me, who I am, what I believe in and even more, a brand that helps me make an impact, facilitating the role I want to have in my world.

Everyone is doing it!

Eco friendly urban mobility with a boom in car sharing and similar alternatives such as Zity, Car2Go, Uber, Cabify, electric cars, bikes. With new comers and traditional car manufacturers changing the game while taking stand. Ei: Renault and its latest FeliZiudad campaign.

Across sectors we see brands taking a stand to reduce environmental impact such as Fairy with 100% recycled bottles with plastics from the sea, Ecoalf with 100% recycled clothing #becausethereisnoplanetB, the latest North Sails campaign together with Oceans for Life and many more.

And yes, this social branding buzz can have a positive impact on business

Nike with their Kaepernick campaign took a stand, a political social stand. This was risky, boosted brand detractors and generated a strong internet buzz including criticism. But that is the risk when taking a stand. Public results point out that the campaign had very positive results in the mid-term with growth in brand loyalty, sales & stock quotations.

Is your brand taking a stand?

You might now be asking yourself the question: how is my brand making a positive impact, how can I take a stand, how much risk am I willing to take? There are many interpretations and possible paths that can adapt to the reality of each business. Its direct geographical environment (headquarters, where I have my factory, were I was born…) and local issues or macro social trends (local sourcing, circle economy, digital transformation, environmental issues…), why not start now!? All brands have a social dimension, find yours, define it clearly, make it a relevant part of your strategy and start acting now. This will strengthen your dialogue with consumers whilst making your business grow and have a positive global impact.

About the author: Isabel Fernández-Lerga | Marketing Manager ARIAS - SAVENCIA GROUP
· Marketing Manager ARIAS - SAVENCIA GROUP
· Former Branding Consultant at FUTURE BRAND – IPG GROUP
May 8th, 2019 | Corporate Identity
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