Golden rules for a Superstar Launch (part 4: #personascentrity)

What do companies do to turn their launch into a best seller? What should the leadership of the ship’s captain be like? Do you put PEOPLE at the center of your strategy?

There is a lot of valuable information and science behind Innovation, but there isn’t a simple and direct manual that can answer most of the basic questions that we, marketers and sellers, face every day.

With a 5 STAR launch you will have to play hard, set yourself ambitious goals, believe it, reinvent yourself, fight as if your life depended on it and go out to bite and WIN at the same moment the ball starts rolling.

Your launch is your startup.

PART 4 #personascentricity

Here they go:

Personas centricity.

  • I like this concept by Nacho Gómez from the MUT agency. Do not talk about consumer. Talk about PEOPLE.
  • “Our vision is a world centred on the customer” Jeff Bezos.
  • People at the centre of your launch strategy.
  • Put on a last generation BOSE SPEAKER and listen to them.
  • Study them, understand and know what exactly they want and how they want it.
  • TARGET. Not everything is for everyone. Find your niche and be a surgeon at Mount Sinai.
  • Pamper those who will be your early adopters who will make a subsequent apostolate in making your product known to the rest of PEOPLE.
  • Create a visibility plan to make it easy. A promotional plan for each target and dedicate time to do marketing shopper in the point of sale.

Everyone’s project

  • Generate an internal movement of possibility and BELIEVE. Appreciative inquiry by Fernando Iglesias. The “And if …” as a flag.
  • Involve the entire company. Structure an initial kick off with key members of all Departments and distribute the game.
  • When everything is more advanced, generate a MOMENTUM around the launch and present it to the entire Company in a different and motivating place. Give them samples to share with family and friends. Let them make the project their own.
  • “My success is that of all those who collaborate and have collaborated with me. A human being cannot be so intelligent, so powerful or so arrogant as to make alone a company of this caliber. There are many who have left their lives in the company. There are many who have made this jewel come true from the beginning until today.” Amancio Ortega.


  • I have left the leadership for point 3. 3 is a number that I like because it is spiritually linked with energies of optimism, joy, inspiration and creativity, imagination and intelligence … What else? ;)
  • Be a grateful, enthusiastic, empathic, optimistic and motivating leader.
  • Rigorous and demanding.
  • Resilient.
  • “Try to be kind, it is more important than you can imagine” Marián Rojas Estapé.
  • “The attitude multiplies. We can always choose our attitude. That is the freedom that we humans have. That is what separates celebrities from the others.” Victor Kuppers
  • “We need people who can dream of things that have never existed.” JFK


  • My father constantly reminds me. “Do not complicate yourself; take it easy Ramón.” Apply it to everything in your life and also in your key project.
  • Why do we turn things complicated putting words or processes that nobody understands or nobody wants to understand in the pack, in communication …? “If you are concerned that the message seems credible and intelligent, do not use complicated language when simple language would suffice.” Kahneman in “Think fast, think slowly.”
  • If you can’t explain it in a sentence to some friends at a dinner …Think again. I remember when I explained yesweplay to my friends. And I had 10 minutes for them to understand me. Until one day I stopped and started thinking of what our essence really was: “The app that allows you to meet PEOPLE to play sports with them.” Simple, it brings value and understandable first.
  • Make it easy: EVERYTHING.

“We are people who work with people”

  • Always remember it and don’t forget it.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s your boss, an employee, a partner, an agency, a client, a consumer… Treat him as you would like to be treated.
  • Projects are made by people. They will work better if you have everyone aligned, motivated and happy.
  • Great book and philosophy of life: #peoplefirst by Xavi Escales.
  • Have partners within the Company that listen to you, that you can ball, that are as demanding as you are, that bite and give it all. THANK YOU David Moré and José Angel Masera.


  • Create a super team. Surround yourself with the best agencies in your field, and the best professionals in your sector. They will give you good advice, they will shorten your path, they will solve problems, they will avoid mistakes, they will make you seem alternative angles …
  • Ask a lot. Ask more. Copy the wins, look for the maximum possible data (conento), contrast kpis, look for qualitative, quantitative info: go down to the mud…
  • “Learn from the best”. as the title of the indispensable book by Francisco Alcaide. Look for them. There are a lot of mentors, cracks, geniuses who will give you what you need for pure altruism. Merci Monsieur Francesc Molina.
  • Linkedin is an excellent tool to reach whoever you want and ask for advice
  • In this life we ​​have come to HELP EACH OTHER and to MAKE A BETTER WORLD. #4abetterworld

What do companies do to turn their launch into a best seller? What should the leadership of the ship’s captain be like? Do you put PEOPLE at the center of your strategy?

After years of study, relevant reading, intense documentation, double-listening, ping pongs and above all valuable learning and advice that I have generously received from businessmen, consultants, friends, agencies, managers and co-workers … In this article, divided in four parts, I contribute not a theory about innovation (there are already many) but the contrasted solutions to the previous questions and to some others that you probably know already.

* THANKS to those who gave me the first opportunity (and the following …), to those who have supported and pushed me in all this time.

* And always remember: “Winning here was another goal; but in the end it’s also another match too. “Rafa Nadal.

*I’m using an informal tone (sometimes even provocative) with recent examples to get the message across at best.

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About the author: Ramón Pujol | Head of Innovation – PASTAS GALLO
Head of Innovation – PASTAS GALLO
Founding Partner – YESWEPLAY, sun&terrace
Advisory board – HEURA, AECC y ROBIN GOOD
November 25th, 2019 | Strategy
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