Golden rules for a Superstar Launch (Your launch is your startup)

What do companies do to turn their launch into a best seller ? Are there any methods to enable success? Research: do we do it or do we spare it?

There is a lot of valuable information and science behind Innovation, but there isn’t a simple and direct manual that can answer most of the basic questions that we, marketers and sellers, face every day.

With a 5 STAR launch you will have to play hard, set yourself ambitious goals, believe it, reinvent yourself, be an intraentrepreneur, fight as if your life depended on it and go out to bite and WIN at the same moment the ball starts rolling.

Your launch is your startup.

 #ilikeitwhenthingsgoaccordingtoplan PART 3

There they go:

Success methodology for a great launch : Lean Marketing

  • Put on your startup hat and copy glovo, holaluz, badi, heura, isalud, travelperk …
  • Test-error methodology, prototyping, minimum viable products, experimentation, test, measurement, fast iterations, metrics …
  • Fast learning, risk reduction and with few initial resources to continue the project, pivot it or finally dismiss it.
  • It would be great if Rodrigo Guzmán and Dani Krauel from Hubble´s could accompany you on your way

Research. It must be done. 

  • Do it. End of story.
  • It gives comfort, security and contrast to the Company to present projects to the Managing Director.
  • Be clear about the difference and decide what is best for you among the professionals who observe, interpret and recommend. Stay on top and go personally.
  • In the majority of tests, the results you expected end up coming out and if you link it to the fact that 90% of launches fail… It makes you think a lot… doesn’t it?
  • Asterisks to the above:
    • “If you want to see lions go to the jungle and not the zoo.” Martí Torres. Think about this sentence.
    • Be very attentive to your intuitions and your higher self… take them into account.
    • Lean on the opinion and sensitivity of the PEOPLE in your team who keep in touch with the real world and who are in daily contact with the market. (when there’s smoke, there’s fire) … Pay attention to them. If they tell you that something is expensive … It’s expensive.
    • By the way, there are many people who do it frankly well.

I like it when things go according to plan

  • Make an initial Business case that confirms the opportunity.
  • Make a complete Business Plan. 3 scenarios.
  • Make a MKT Plan for the first year and start viewing the second.
  • Make an ambitious off and on Communication Plan.
  • Make an Action Plan focused on penetration.
  • Make an off and on PR plan.
  • Make a Trade plan.
  • Make a Marketing Shopper plan.
  • Make a Plan to present the project to the entire Company.
  • Make a Promotional Plan by target and by channels.
  • Make an ad hoc promotional plan to customers.
  • Make a Sales Plan introducing the Launch to customers.
  • Make a special Exhibition Plan and double locations.
  • Make a Corporate Incentive Plan.
  • Make a Plan for new channels.
  • Recheck everything at 100 days.

Corporate incentive plan.

  • It’s like that. It is important. Your super launch must have it. Get it for the entire Company and not just for Sales: An interesting scaling variable, a trip, a gift, a party … And above all, do professional and motivational follow-up with the Company.
  • You’ll see how everyone is dedicated. It works. End of story.

Mercadona is your launch’s best friend.

  • It must be your ally. Not your enemy. It doesn’t matter if it copies you in a year or a year and a half. You have to go one step ahead and when you are copied … bring innovation that brings value to the consumers.
  • Mercadona represents between 30% – 40% of the market and it will increase. Are you really one of those who prefer to keep complaining and resigning yourself and renounce to that piece of the cake?
  • “I can accept failure, but I cannot accept not trying.” Michael Jordan.
  • Make it happen. Create an ad hoc plan for Mercadona to buy your innovation. “Maybe he doesn’t gets you in from the beginning … If it works, be sure that Mr. Roig will want it on his shelves.” Jesús García Siso from Nielsen.

Be patient, flow and Rock and Roll for the launch

  • Rome was not built in a day. Like everything in life … most successes require a process for its achievement. Understanding, accepting and integrating this is vital for its achievement.
  • “We come to the world to experience things, stumble and solve problems.” Murakami
  • Be patient, you and your company. Keep your investment in TV, keep that promotional pressure, keep your team motivated … PATIENCE DOSE FOR EVERYONE.
  • The second year is as important as the first. So the project must remain in the front line. Renew the votes, make a plan as intense as the first one, both internally and externally.
  • Everyone will be aware of the results from day one … Leave a cup of herbal tea on the table of each stakeholder and hire a yoga coach in case the success is delayed a little. In that case, act without delay, take your CEO to the street without preparing him … and let him be part of the solution.
  • Professor Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s FLOW Concept is simply wonderful.
  • Immerse yourself, taste it, enjoy it and become one with the project.
  • And, above all, ENJOY IT, ROCK AND ROLL and live it with PASSION, and ENERGY like the great Josep Coll from Redpoints.

What do companies do to turn their launch into a best seller? Are there any methods to enable success? Research: do we do it or do we spare it?

After years of study, relevant reading, intense documentation, double-listening, ping pongs and above all valuable learning and advice that I have generously received from businessmen, consultants, friends, agencies, managers and co-workers … In this article, divided in four parts, I contribute not a theory about innovation (there are already many) but the contrasted solutions to the previous questions and to some others that you probably know already.

* THANKS to those who gave me the first opportunity (and the following …), to those who have supported and pushed me in all this time.
* And always remember: “Winning here was another goal; but in the end it’s also another match too. “Rafa Nadal.
*I’m using an informal tone (sometimes even provocative) with recent examples to get the message across at best.

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About the author: Ramón Pujol | Head of Innovation – PASTAS GALLO
Head of Innovation – PASTAS GALLO
Founding Partner – YESWEPLAY, sun&terrace
Advisory board – HEURA, AECC y ROBIN GOOD
October 17th, 2019 | Strategy
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