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In Little Buddha we are starting a new adventure by the hand of Product of the Year, also known as Grand Prize of Innovation known in Spain for 19 years. Product of the year is the only competition where the consumers choose, through a direct vote, the most innovative consumption products of the year. Actually the competition is celebrated in more than 40 countries.

The objectives of the competition are to impulse the innovation in the large consumption sector and bring together the most innovative products to the consumers.

producto del año razón para innovar

More than 10.000 consumers vote through a concept test and a product test which takes place during the months of September and October. The winning products have the right to use the name Product of the Year in all of their communications during one year.

It is all about the recognition of the consumer in the effort the brands make, and their marketing teams, in innovation matter.

At Little Buddha we believe in the impulse for innovation within large consumption companies and that’s why we encourage initiatives like this one. The winning products increase their sales from 10 to 15% so that’s why we want to add value to innovation within our markets.

In Spain, during December we will know the winning products in the nineteenth edition, during a prize ceremony that will take place on the 18thof December in Barcelona. Large companies such as Henkel, Protector&Gamble, Nestlé, Danone, Unilever, L’Oréal, Mahou-San Miguel or Whirlpool have already received a prize in one of the previous editions.

And we will be there, presenting the most innovative products and providing our design in all the event’s communications.

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