‘Perennials’: the keyword for 2019

The millennials have turned into the most commented and analyzed audience by marketers in the recent years. This is the generation born between 1980 and 2000, intrinsically linked to digital media, multiscreen, critical and highly demanding, with a new set of values in which they base their buying decision process.

They get their name from the millennium, year in which they reached adulthood and also a year in which they enjoyed an economic prosperity that would cease soon.

According to Deloitte, around 75% of the workforce in 2025 will be millennials. This is why, quite rightly, everybody is interested on understanding and getting to know this generation. They have a high power of consumption and they’re extremely demanding.

However, the more this generation is analyzed, it is more evident that categorizing consumers by their age doesn’t determine their patterns, traces or buying behavior. The complexity of this generation delivers new ways of categorization that thrive new opportunities from the analysis of the big data generated by them on the digital ecosystem, allowing marketers to have alternatives to age as a parameter to target audiences.

perennial connected


For 2019, digital media suggest a new term to categorize a generation of people who trascend any range of age and it is expected to replace the well-known and discussed “millennial”. It’s about perennials: people from any age range that live connected and know what’s going on all around the world immediately; they’re curious, get along with people from different ages and they tend to have a strong influence on their groups. Besides, they’re technologically savvy and sensitive to take care of the plant. They also are more likely to take risks because they value the experience.

This term was born after noticing that the original suggested word, “relevants”, could be misheard for “irrelevant”. This is what they are: relevant, personalities that, despite their age, were relevant, role models, influencing other’s into consuming. This type of people is relevant and their environment takes them on account. They’re constant and their influence is perennial.

Different from millennials, the age of a perennial is not a fact for segmentation, but their interests are. Big companies like Amazon and Netflix take these parameters on account to identify opportunities such as the groundbreaking House of Cards. It’s suggested that perennials are able to scale ideas fast and efficiently, and this is extremely attractive for brands.

This keyword will be heard frequently in 2019 and it opens the discussion on how we use the big data generated by the consumers on digital media to make strategic decisions for companies’ marketing plans.

January 15th, 2019 | Trends

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