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The owners of Fincas Badenes, without giving us a more specific brief, asked us to explore concepts that could be associated with high-quality olive oil.

From the proposals we presented, they chose OBA olive oil, a concept and a design that attracted them. Here are the other interesting concepts and designs we explored:

Route 1:

Olive oil is a legacy of the culinary culture left to us by the Romans. This design sought to pay tribute to it: The name OLEUM, which is Latin for olive oil. A Roman typeface with embossed letters as if sculpted from white marble. A highly understated and formal design that conveys elegance and premiumness.

Route 2:

The oil is extracted from ripe olives at 6 to 8 months, just when they contain their maximum oil content.

It is said that to get the best oil, they should be harvested during a full moon.

The design encapsulates both criteria to obtain the summum of the oil.

Route 3:

To emphasise the artisanal nature of the process and the quality of this organic product, the design features a traditional olive picker of yesteryear.

The sans serif typeface and general layout compensate and provide a modern aesthetic to the whole.

Route 4:

Olive oil has often been called liquid gold for its culinary value and colour. As 24-carat gold is the purest, we propose a 24k oil as a metaphor for the purest, most natural oil.

Route 5:

What better way to identify the origin and ensure traceability than to print on the bottle a map of the estate, through which the Guadalquivir river runs?

The extremely understated design in black and white conveys elegance without artifice.

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May 17th, 2018 | Packs I wish were true

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