Packaging: What No One Is Talking About?

There are many new brilliant companies that are also developing some packaging know-how. The packaging format of a product is particularly important for the development of new businesses. It can directly affect their operations and the general intrigue of the organization.

Let’s take a small example. A company selects men’s clothing and sends it to their stylist in cardboard trunks, which adapt to the comfort and style of their business. After five years of operation, a leading retail company buys the start-up for millions.
To be successful, each brand must adopt a specific strategy and have the ability to express its unique and remarkable goals on paper as a first step. Normally, a good packaging allows you to transmit your identity with ease. The product is supposed to provide guarantees that will lead customers to buy the product again.

Let’s see what no one is talking about packaging.

  1. Stand Apart. Your must attract the buyer and provide him with quality. Doing the bare minimum and screaming louder than others to get noticed will not be enough. You need this little something about the packaging that will attract the eye of the customer and that will make that we talk about you.
    You can use cusps, for example. Cusps are sharp, pointed forms that arouse feelings of anxiety, peril and alertness. You can not miss the ads where everything catches your attention, from fonts to cusps.
  1. Stay Simple. The simplest plans are often the most convincing. In a busy and unstable market, we can sometimes enjoy a few moments of calm, visual or sound, which makes us find the right idea. This good old approach is probably the best. Be simple. Simplicity always appeals to complex minds. Customers are precisely complex beings who do not see the complexity of a good eye. They believe that what you offer them should be simple and beneficial to them. It’s all the art of simplicity. It is never out of date. This is the packaging that interests us here, and a unique and simple packaging will conquer the hearts of consumers.
  2. Take a test with a five-year-old. Showcase your image to a five-year-old, take it to the store to discover and buy your product, and you’ll see that packaging plays an important role in branding. Customers will always think about it when they search for your product. A recognizable brand image is what will lead customers to your products. For example, you can ask a five-year-old to pick up the pack of salt where you see a girl with a coat and an umbrella, and the child will definitely come back with the right product. Ask him for the blue package with a huge chocolate cookie right in the middle, surrounded by a puddle of milk, and he will come back with a packet of Oreo. Great, is not it? A simple idea to test when you run out of ideas.
  3. Trigger passionate commitments. Customers buy when a brand succeeds in triggering something in them. When someone looks at you, you have to do it twice before you know what he thinks of you. At work, it must be your survival instinct. In terms of packaging, nothing better than an immediate visual connection. Whenever you are in an alley, see how many packages display images that no one is watching: people go their way or pay no attention.
  4. Get inspired by famous examples. A good packaging offers visual values that evolve, a sort of flexible toolbox that adapts to any type of communication with customers. Coca-Cola is the king in this area. The brand has a number of advantages, the red color that attracts, a wave-shaped dynamic logo, the famous shape of its bottle, or the typography of its logo. All these elements can help to better understand the brand.

People believe that Coca-Cola’s logo is based on its signature name and curves. But, if you look closer, you will see three cusps: two under the “c” and “a” of “Coke” and one in the center of “C” of “Cola”, which serve to direct your eyes towards the center words. From there, your eyes can already assimilate the curves and the suggestion of the flow, highlighted by the rest of the typography and intensified by the content. All these advantages make it possible to mark the spirits, so much so that anyone who would emphasize any resemblance to the brand would appeal to emotions related to the brand.

So we never hear about all these things about successful packaging. When customers miss out on packaging messages, to make more impact on these same customers, everything is played out in the purpose of thinking. Normally, this is done spontaneously when the packaging is sufficiently attractive. However, any innovative exchange must be able to go beyond the emotional preferences in order to obtain the essential and essential interest, which allows the company to conclude a certain number of transactions. Thus, producers and retailers are able to make more and more thoughtful decisions that generate more cash flow.

October 15th, 2019 | Packaging

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