How to know if your packaging is crying out for a revamp

We often think of packaging as just a “container”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Packaging is the main communication tool for products and brands. Imagine if you don’t have the budget for investing in other tools… what do you have left? Packaging, obviously!

We agree on that, but why is it so important? It’s something that is usually the first impression that shoppers have about the brand (and there’s only one shot at this first impression!), it’s key to boosting sales and it creates the famous “Word-of-Mouth”.

So, a big dichotomy that we face on a daily basis as marketers is: Do I need to change the design of my packaging?  Which questions should I ask myself before starting the revamping process? In order to answer these questions you need to go from having a subjective perspective to a more objective one, forget the typical “I like it/I don’t like it” and understand that design involves developing something which will allow for certain aims to be met and satisfy requirements and restrictions.

However, in a frenzied context, filled with changes and where everything seems so urgent, this gear change from something abstract to something more tangible becomes complex if we don’t have a small guide that is able to organise our thoughts and which will allow us to reflect on the opportunities for our packaging and the need (or not) to embark on a revamp. It has been particularly useful personally to take into account the following points and answer the following questions (honestly and self-critically):

If when you are answering these questions you find that the answer is “no” to several of them, it means that your packaging is asking for a little TLC. An honest and self-critical reflection about these issues is highly beneficial in order to determine whether your packaging (and your visual identity on the whole) really needs to be looked at. It also contributes to understanding opportunities better which will mean having clear objectives when drafting the brief for the agency.

Clearly, this guide works as a starting point  because, in order to understand opportunities on a deeper level, you should carry out consumer research (nowadays there are so many interesting methods) which will allow you to fully understand the challenge and extract insights that will give you a precise assessment.

At Grupo Bimbo packaging is a strategic priority and we are aware of the importance it has as the main communication tool for the brand and its power for increasing the shopper’s purchasing intentions. Therefore, prior analysis is essential as it will help to determine the need and direction that the revamping project has and will take.

A fine-tuned assessment results in a clear and understandable brief, and if we pair that with a design agency with a strategic perspective and business orientation like Little Buddha, we have the perfect recipe for boosting the performance of our brand and taking it to the next level.

Gonzalo Jiménez Cordero

About the author: Gonzalo Jiménez Cordero
Marketing director EAA at Bimbo
Former consumer Insight analyst at Mondelez
Former Product Manager at L’Oreal

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October 8th, 2019 | Packaging Design
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