Golden rules for a Superstar Launch (part 1: #strategy)

Your launch is your startup. Golden Rules for a Superstar launch.

What do companies do to turn their launch into a best seller? Why do 9 out of 10 launch fail? Is my launch a game changer? …

There is a lot of valuable information and science behind Innovation, but there isn’t a simple and direct manual that can answer most of the basic questions that we, marketers and sellers, face every day.

With a 5 STAR launch you will have to play hard, set yourself ambitious goals, believe it, reinvent yourself, fight as if your life depended on it and go out to bite and WIN at the same moment the ball starts rolling.

Your launch is your startup.

#strategy PART 1.

There they go:

Napoléon Bonaparte

  • Considered a genius of war and STRATEGY, he based his success on his obsession with accuracy and detail with which he planned his movements and on the flexibility to reorient action in battle according to the circumstances.
  • THE EXECUTION is the protagonist and is key, but what is much more relevant, scarce and great is: THE STRATEGY.
    Spend a lot of time for it. Then share it and try it out to make it even better.
  • “The critical decision is choosing to go to Paris, Lisbon or Rabat. Then, and only afterwards, make sure the vehicle is fast. The destination choice is not random; there is an algorithm and that’s what makes the difference in any launch, and almost always” JUANJO PEREZ CUESTA
  • Your skills require being a THINKER & DOER and even more in the VUCA* environment in which we move (*volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).
  • “A scenario where you can fail? You must create a situation where that is not even a possibility. Win the impossible by rewriting the rules. “Harvey Specter in Suits.

Obsessive focus on your launch (laser focus)

  • 9 out of 10 launch do not survive the 3rd year. Goose bumps!
    LESS IS MORE. “Launch less but launch better” is a phrase which is often repeated by Domingo Arcas of BRAKE BREAKERS.
  • Get the Management and the Company in general to understand and accept these points:
    • “Less is more”.
    • “Better not to launch for the sake of launching.”
    • Reserve resources for the great opportunity. “THE GREAT WAR”.
  • “If in the MKT Plan I do not launch anything; it will seem that I don’t have anything.” This is a phrase that remains in force and continues to do a lot of damage in companies. P & G have reduced their launches by 40%; same as other FMCG companies; but they have doubled the investment for those that DO work.

Your launch needs to exceed the “ok” threshold of requierements.

  • Increase the requirement of the entire company and especially your own. “We have a very demanding scale of values. If we cannot make a good song, we prefer not to do it. We are the most detailed group in the world and we put all our feelings into each album. ” Freddie Mercury
  • Align yourself with your CEO. Make him trust you, give you full freedom of movement. I know it’s not easy; get it. It is your first great challenge. “In the company, ask for the ball.” Miquel Lladó.
  • Take all managers and people from the work teams you have created out of their comfort zone. Expect the maximum of your possibilities. Acting as a “bad cop” Doing “bad cop” is not tenable, but the project needs it. Tolerance 0.
  • ADD UP THE YES’S: Don’t accept a NO in key variables; it is very frequent for the first ones, the second ones and even the third ones … «You always with your” CAN NOT BE DONE “! Was it that you were not listening to me? “(Yoda to Luke Skywalker, STAR WARS).
    Elude mediocrity as Xavier Marcet recommends.
  • If it is necessary to invest then invest. Find and activate the green button.
  • The sum of small NOs = failure. There is always LIGHT.
  • Select your battles well and focus only on the key variables. Be persistent, insist, fight until the end… Do not waste your time or wear out on the less important variables; you can surely adapt or change them as the project progresses. Some others can’t be changed.
  • Commit yourself. As the master JA Segarra said: “In a plate of eggs with bacon, the pig is “committed”, while the hen is only “involved”.”

Provide value. Create new categories

  • Where is my value? RTB? How do I differentiate myself? In what am I better? In what am I unique? In what am I the first? Am I creating a new category? Why am I a game changer?
  • Why?: Simon Sinek’s TED is essential.
  • When you have answered the previous questions, create solid and credible arguments that justify this added value.
  • It is necessary to create magic and a story around the product that the consumer values ​​and appreciates.
  • Reinvent the rules of your category. Be CREATIVE and create VALUE CONTENT. What do PEOPLE want? That’s what needs to be presented. Netflix is ​​a good example.
  • According to Cristina Rojo from Nielsen “All the successful innovations create new categories or discover a need for consumers. For example: those who do not like beer but still want something with alcohol?” Ladrón de Manzanas cider.

Dedicate time to create your DNA, branding and branding architecture

  • Always follow trends and go with the wave… surfing is cool
  • “We see an evolution towards organic, local and towards a greater control of the brands by the consumers”. Emmanuel Faber, CEO of Danone.
  • Choose a good agency and personally take care of every last detail (the product remains vertical on the supermarket shelf, clean label, messages: less is more, sustainable packaging, transparencies to see the product …).
  • Build your UNIQUENESS and YOUR ANCHOR of target and occasion with patience. Do not spare time to think about the target and the tone you want.
  • Listen to your agency and let yourself be advised. It has to be a brave agency that tells you the truth even though you don’t like it. In this Bertrand Massanes of Little Buddha is a clear example and has no equal. THANKS.

Your launch’s objective: the Moon

  • “To infinity and beyond” Buzz Lightyear. Aim very high.
  • Find yourself a good PR, influencers, ambassadors, media agency … your product WILL BE HEARD AT ALL HOURS. And above all make it visible EVERYWHERE. If you have to put fluorescents and neon lights. Put them.
  • Reinvent yourself. Get your product in @vueling, in the @eurostar / @ave, @gymclub, @primaverasound, in a number of @labruixador, in clothing stores, on the radio, in the newspapers, in magazines, on caps, on T-shirts, in the zoo, in a spa, on a Ferris wheel, in @rakutentv, on fortnite and if you can get Elon Musk to take it to the moon inside his Tesla …

What do companies do to turn their launch into a best seller?, Why do 9 launches out of 10 fail?, Is my launch a game changer? … After years of study, relevant reading, intense documentation, double-listening, ping pongs and above all valuable learning and advice that I have generously received from businessmen, consultants, friends, agencies, managers and co-workers … In this article, divided in four parts, I contribute not a theory about innovation (there are already many) but the contrasted solutions to the previous questions and to some others that you probably know already.

* THANKS to those who gave me the first opportunity (and the following …), to those who have supported and pushed me in all this time.
* And always remember: “Winning here was another goal; but in the end it’s also another match too. “Rafa Nadal.
* I’m using an informal tone (sometimes even provocative) to get the message across at best.

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About the author: Ramón Pujol | Head of Innovation – PASTAS GALLO
Head of Innovation – PASTAS GALLO
Founding Partner – YESWEPLAY, sun&terrace
Advisory board – HEURA, AECC y ROBIN GOOD
July 23rd, 2019 | Strategy
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