Event Branding: The WOW Factor is Key

Daniel Kahneman was the inspiration for the Lovemarks theory, which can be summarised as follows: emotion is the key factor when it comes to building a brand. With a statement like this, we must be able to detect all those points of contact that will manage to excite our audience.

One of the best ways to create an emotional bond with the brand is by creating an experiential bond. We all know the importance of experiences, as it is precisely these experiences and situations that will be remembered over time and that we will associate with our moods or positive memories, much more so than with material things or tangible products. Living in today’s Society of Things, experiences become the number one ally of our emotions.

In which moments can we create this experiential and, therefore, emotional bond with the brand? Through event branding.

So what do we understand by event branding? In short, all those experiences that a brand can create with its audiences, which can include:

  • Experiences with internal audiences (conventions, presentations of products or services, conferences, team building).
  • Experiences with external audiences (launches of brands, products or services, presentations to the media, PR events, awards or, in short, all those experiences that you can think of on a communicational level).

However, event branding is becoming increasingly common and many brands have already been impacting their audiences for years, meaning it’s extremely important for you to:

  • Stand out from your competition and from what you’ve been doing in the past, with a communication style that grabs people’s attention.
  • Generate new ideas when it comes to staging the experience, taking into account the latest trends and technologies.
  • Increase the sophistication of the experience to make it memorable.
  • Not leave anyone feeling indifferent and with nothing to talk about, with which we are referring not only to the audience that is present at the event but also in terms of its value as brand content to be exploited in digital media. In short, you need to achieve the highly sought-after WOW effect.

How to Develop a Smart Event Branding Strategy

Event branding

Below, we’ve listed all the steps we believe are key to the successful creation and strategic management of a brand experience

Event audit

When confronted with an experiential challenge, we first need to make sure we are very clear about the key brand objectives behind this experience. They’re not always as clear or obvious as we may think. However, there is one objective that must be placed above all others: that the audience’s expectations be challenged in a memorable and emotionally-satisfying way.

On the other hand, it’s important to know the brand’s available budget in order to come up with an experience accordingly.

It is also important to understand the personality of the brand, which is unique and must be reflected in the experience that is going to be created.

Finally, and something that’s incredibly important: knowing the space where the experience is going to take place. Ideally, the space should only be defined once we have come up with the experience, choosing the one that best suits it. Nevertheless, this way of doing things won’t always be possible due to corporate interests, location, tradition, etc.

Coming up with the idea for the event

This is one of the differentiating factors: the idea which the experience will revolve around. This doesn’t refer to the theme of the event, but how you are going to make this experience memorable. Sometimes, this involves using a scenic technique that lasts for 30 seconds, or a combination of various technologies for several continuous or intermittent minutes. Creativity is therefore key, but it’s also important that the idea is aligned with the space, the budget, the objectives, the brand’s personality and, obviously, the way it’ll be carried out. Our team honestly takes pleasure in designing great ideas and taking them to the next level, offering our clients truly unforgettable experiences.

Organising the event

In this point, we are referring to the correct experience planning. Planning is key for three reasons:

  • It allows you to form the best team and have all the necessary resources and technologies.
  • It guarantees the final result will be in line with the idea that was devised or designed in the previous phase.
  • It can anticipate potential problems that may arise in order to give the appropriate response in each case.

It is ultimately the executive pre-production phase that should achieve excellence in the brand experience.

Carrying out the event

This is the moment of truth. It’s when the magic happens creating unforgettable moments and experiences that are a true reflection of the brand. If all the previous steps have been carried out, we can rest assured knowing that everything will turn out well and we can feel confident that our audience will have a memorable and lasting brand experience, as well as a story to tell their friends, colleagues or followers. Mission accomplished!

To sum things up, we believe that the key to a successful branding event is being able to rely on the involvement of an agency like Little Buddha from the start, which will help you to achieve that memorable WOW effect. Are you ready?


About the author: Xavier Puche | Head of Strategy Iberia
• Ex Client Director of Summa, Coleman, CBA & Landor
• Ex Strategy Director of Columna
• Ex Marketing Manager Maxxium
April 24th, 2019 | Strategy

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