Corporate Identity: 7 signs you need help

When it comes to Corporate Identity, not only marketing should be involved, but also all the people that collaborate within the company. Everyone has something to say about it; from the CEO to the last guy that entered the company’s glass door.

So to whom should we listen regarding the opinion of the Corporate Identity? The answer is clear, we should listen to everyone, but the decision is still in the CEO’s hand.

What kind of signs should the CEO be aware of that show that she/he should evolve regarding Corporate Identity?

1. Not all collaborators are comfortable with the Corporate Identity.

It is not the CEO who is doing the job.

It is the team’s responsibility to do the day to day job.

If the people that work in the company are a hundred percent committed, then the job provides better results.

The conclusion is clear: everybody should be comfortable with it.

Listen to everybody; if someone is not comfortable, then something is happening underneath their motivation.

I remember the case of a company that had a religious symbol in the Branding. They hired a Branding agency and the recommendation was to take off this symbol and to give more presence to another one. The result was that the company presented itself as more open and attentive to all the collaborators’ opinion.

2. The name of the Corporate Identity is hard to pronounce.

We, as a company, have to build an international business, which sometimes comes from a regional name that worked perfectly, but is difficult to internationalise.

We all remember names such as Schweppes soft drinks or Philadelphia cream cheese, but these names are hard to pronounce in some countries if it is the first time that you are exposed to them.

logo schweppes philadelphia

The first thing that an ambitious company should do is to pay for an expert’s opinion. If you let this issue to be discussed internally, everybody will have friends that have different opinions.

There should be a consensus on the Roadmap on how to pronounce the Brand’s name in each language.

Sometimes it is even suggested that the first communications in a new country should focus on teaching how to pronounce the name of the brand. Writing isn’t that important, because you can always buy Google AdWords so people can end up in the correct website or app.

3. The application of the Corporate Identity in different supports is not homogeneous.

A brand does not live in a Brand Book. It lives in the Street, in the cellular, in the web, in the TV… within all the places where it is applied.

If you happen to see that the brand is printed in a different way than displayed on a mobile, the Brand has a problem of visual consistency.

It is usual when the Brand has golds or silvers that are not properly displayed on TV or Cellular Display, but it is also very common with certain colours such as Orange or Green which are difficult to print in a homogeneous way as they are a mix of primary colours.

If you see this, then stop and organise how the Brand should be applied on any important support.

Gaining in consistency will make your brand stronger.

4. The Corporate Image is not clear enough.

When a corporation is a sum of companies, then it is tempted to add up logos. The result is then a dilution of each logo. The clearer and simpler it is, the stronger it gets.

Nowadays, this is even more important as mobile displays are small and logos need to be clear and easy to apply.

Apple has a Bitten-Apple, Amazon has an Arrow-Smile. What is Microsoft’s logo? Yes, I also think that they need help with the Branding. And I would love to help them, of course. ;-)

logo apple amazon microsoft

5. The magic of our Corporate Identity is gone.

New logos are attractive. They make you think. why are they changing it? What are they trying to tell me? We all ask ourselves these questions if the product or service that they offer is relevant to us. But sometimes the magic is just gone.

We have been interacting so many times with that logo that it’s telling us nothing new.

Really, the logo is not telling anything new?

Maybe this is the first step to start finding other solutions that offer something new and improved.

Before the magic is gone, a review of how the Service of the company is expressed and the CEO should spend some time with a Branding agency to evaluate if it is the right moment to make a move or wait for the following Strat Plan.

before and after logo la compagnie

6. Our Corporate Image does not show the project.

Sometimes the project of the company is bigger than the logo, and this should be otherwise as the brand should communicate an ambition on a given market, people and needs.

This is happening nowadays in the Food and Beverage industry as natural and organic brands are booming everywhere and some company Brands are too industrialised. The Coca-Cola Company, for example, owns Honest, Vitamin Water and other natural Brands. Really? You want to sell natural products with a company named Coca-Cola? Maybe it is the moment to change the name of the parent company for Coke Company…

Moreover, the Brand should put name, shape and colours to the principal project stands in order for people to understand that the product or service is offered by a team with a certain set of values.

7. There is no need to change our Corporate Identity.

Yes! You have a Brand that is working perfectly and that was designed just two years ago. A recommendation; keep talking with your Brand agency. Go and have lunch with them every six months. They will be happy to keep in contact with you and have a better understanding of your business, and you will get insights from them, so you can quickly identify when is the right moment to make a move and evolve your branding.

Branding is not a science. All things that can be measured are not relevant and some that cannot be measured are very relevant. There are people that have sensitivity and experience about it, so every hour that you spend with them have a huge payback on Brand Building.

Taking time to think about your brand becomes relevant as it should really fit your ambition.

About the author: Xavier Arderiu | Business Manager MEDIAPRO
• Ex Global Marketing Manager Affinity
• Ex Brand Marketing Manager Danone
November 7th, 2018 | Corporate Identity
Little Buddha Brand Design Agency

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