Branding and interior design: a tandem of success for your brand

Corporate interiors are a fundamental strategic tool for communicating your brand’s values. Corporate interior design project should be unique, appropriable, and a differentiating element. A challenge that can and should be taken up by a branding and corporate design agency is to be able to transmit the essence of the brand through the different spaces, as well as offering a solution to usability needs, in a coherent, consistent and differentiating manner.

It is a three-way puzzle in which the interior designer, brand strategy expert and designer come together to offer comprehensive service.

This tandem should be able to understand physical spaces as mediums or channels to translate messages to users. Corporate interiors become a strong weapon of communication and differentiation against competitors.

3 keys will guarantee the success of a corporate interior design project:

1) Analyze the space. From this analysis we will extract a series of specific architectural elements within each area that will condition the conceptual phase and development of the creative idea, and will determine the way in which the proposal will be adapted in the different spaces.

2) User needs. The users of the space will determine the functionality of it. The interventions we make should offer solutions for the objectives set, which can go from more emotional (generate an emotional reaction in the user, create a feeling or brand experience) to more functional or rational ones (more privacy for example).

3) Use and interaction. A space can determine different types and degrees of relationships between users. The “open plan” concept for example is becoming increasingly popular in interior design projects for offices. Some spaces facilitate somehow a horizontal hierarchy a free and easy circulation of people, which invites them to experience, create and work as a team.

As an example of this, Affinity Petcare asked Little Buddha to help them with their interior design project for the company’s new corporate headquarters in Barcelona. The challenge was to create designs, which once applied to the numerous rooms, walls and common spaces would create a closer, more personalized work environment that would be coherent with their corporate values and the essence of their brands.

This was achieved through the creation of a look & feel that stresses the bond between pet and pet owner, as well as a naming proposal for the rooms and common areas that would represent Affinity’s internationalization and allow fast and easy location and recognition.

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December 12th, 2017 | Branding

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