4 things we do at Little Buddha Brand Design to take care of our planet

Nowadays it is clear that if we don’t change our methods, customs, and consumption behaviour we won’t have a Planet to live in sooner than we could expect. As the oceans choke on plastic, and pollution has grown worse in most European cities, the red flag in front of all of us is clear. As individuals and companies, meeting the environmental responsibility could be challenging because of all the waste we can produce on our daily duties. But, there are several simple ways and rules we’ve decided to follow at Little Buddha Brand Design in order to do our little bit to take care of our Planet. 

1. We recycle…

When we say we recycle, we mean it. Recycling is part of our organizational culture. All organic waste, all plastics, papers, and cans have their own separate recycling bins, and we get organized and share the wisdom on how to toss garbage properly. For this purpose, We’ve designed educational signs for this tiny & easy but important internal initiative.

Recycling Signs at Little Buddha Brand Design's Kitchen Recycling Signs found at Little Buddha Brand Design's Kitchen


2. …and we keep recycling. 

We recycle all the paper we use in our daily duties. From briefings to sketches, we reuse all paper we can and we recycle the rest that doesn’t need any special treatment related to data protection. 

We ensure that the toner we use in our printers is disposed of properly, as well, working directly with a recycling company specialized in this type of products. 


3. We walk, skate and bike our way to work each and every day.


More than 65% of our team rides their way to work on a bike, a skateboard or roller-skates and/or public transportation. This is the reason we have spaces to park our bikes inside our agency for security reasons and to motivate the team to go greener. 


4. We are in for designing solutions that respect the planet. 

We’re not just business oriented: we are business believers, as our manifesto reads. Following this philosophy, we put in our talent, our know-how and our culture to strengthen brands, design a packaging, or build a corporate identity that conveys with an eco or environment-friendly business. 

There are even more ways in which we as companies can help the environment. This year’s UN initiative for the World Environment Day is to raise awareness about plastic pollution and several companies have joined the challenge. Besides this initiative, several Spanish-speaking countries are holding the #GreenFriday  Check out these two initiatives and join them. 

How do you go green at your company and beat plastic pollution? Share it on Twitter or Instagram using the global hashtag #BeatPlasticPollution.


June 5th, 2018 | Trends

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