11 ways to completely sabotage your branding

If you are thinking that why somebody will destroy its brand then you really need to read this. Your unintentionally actions or thoughts may completely sabotage your branding and destroy your image in the market if you are the last person to care about it.

Between all your day to day responsibilities and running your business cycle, it’s hard to sit relax and figuring out that the fall in the client stats could be because of you are sabotaging your brand. Here are 11 ways you might be doing unwillingly to sabotage your image in market:

Your Brand is… in everyone’s eye.

As often seen in many surveys, many entrepreneurs and small scale business owners believe that just because of they have created a product, its Brand Value is automatically created in the market. Brands take time and devotion to craft.

Ask yourself:

  • Does my company offering something unique to customers?
  • Is my business is heading to its real goal?
  • Am I representing my product correctly or consistently?

If your answer is ‘No’ or ‘I am not sure!’ then pal, you aren’t developed enough yet that’s sabotage in itself.

ToDo: Think and get the Answers!!

Your Brand is… still half baked.

Hiring someone to promote your services or product isn’t enough always. Sometimes you have to spare some time to look into the delicious cookies they’re making to check they have the same taste or not.

If the marketing strategy is not looking cohesive or sending mixed messages to the audience then it may sabotage your brand by depicting wrong image in the eye of the your Clients.

ToDo: Invest some time to check your marketing team’s strategy whether it’s serving the desired purpose or not.

It’s not always about You!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep yourself aside when it comes to your business brand. Sounds insane? You have to understand the business was not creating to serve you, it was created to serve your customers. Ask,

  • Do I make brand decisions based on relevant market research (or my own personal preferences)?
  • Do I communicate to my audience stating the benefits my products gives (or the features of what I provide)?

ToDo: If the answer is screaming ‘YOU’ only, then you really need to cut it out.

Are you ignoring Brand Mentions.

Many owners don’t Google about their product and services but your audience does. Sometimes you need to check it out what’s people are talking about you and how social networking building your business image in the market or sabotaging it?

ToDo: You may try Social Mention to the credibility of your Brand.

Spreading yourself too thin.

It’s not a crime to make your brand available on every social channel but it’s a riddle in itself. Updating your all social profile with all your updated can put you in the big mess until you figure it out what actually works for you.

ToDo: You don’t need to be available of all social channels but to analyze on what your audience mostly spend time.

Barking up the wrong tree!

Know your audience. Targeting everyone will not serve the purpose. It’s good to connect with the people but it’s wiser to connect with the right people at the right point of time.

ToDo: Getting involved with the people in market or on social media may turn your business up if they lies into your business hierarchy.

Making it’s a ‘Me’ product.

Certainly your self-promotion is a part of building your brand because it let your audience aware about your achievements and obvious about the product. If you don’t want to get unfriend, unfollow or block, then you may need to do this.

ToDo: Stop over-promoting yourself or start promoting others who are helping you achieving your targets. Other people will also start promoting you which is even stronger than self-proclamations.

Consistency isn’t always required.

Seriously, believe me or not but being Turtle can give you the ever-lasting results than being rabbit for a few time.

Be consistent when it comes to Brand Yourself! Selecting and marketing your Logo image should be spread fairly in all the social channels, website, blogs, your presentation and on your business cards etc.

ToDo: It’s really important to remind your audience time on time about the product and services, to be a savage.

Your UX design is sabotaging the Brand already!

Technology is the key to hack the audience mind but your negligence can put you out of the track. If your UX falls any of them, you have chosen to be in danger zone.

  • Fail to adopt user centric mindset
  • Its only clutter around
  • Data..! hah.. that’s not important at all
  • Mobile responsive? It doesn’t require
  • Skip the test
  • Low Contrast
  • Too many clicks to take action
  • A Form with bombarding of questions
  • Frequent changes in design

ToDo: If these points are real with you then start correcting from now.

It’s not the right time.

Are you holding yourself back? If you keep telling yourself that need ‘xyz’ to succeed then it’s time to take some imperfect action. Fear and perfectionism can prevent you from your crazy ideas to succeed the race.

ToDo: It doesn’t have to be perfect or just stop waiting for the stars to align. Start by taking small messy steps to make your brand win the battle.

Taking criticism to heart.

It’s hard to digest the rejection sometimes but yes accepting it in a positive way could turn up your brand image. I may be wrong at it, say it! Yes acceptance leads to analyze the situation and make the best solution for it.

ToDo: What’re you waiting for? Just believe in yourself and get into the circle again.

March 11th, 2019 | Strategy
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